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Really thrilled to introduced you our first release !

Natali Kruger “83% Invisible” LP

Listen and order here : https://lesangesnoirsdelutopie.bandcamp.com/album/83-invisible

Press releases :

Igloo Magazine : “Natali Kruger continues to forge 3D soundscapes, alien worlds and sparse electronic landscapes merging dark and eerie atmospheric elements with sharp industrial edges—and yet an organic quality emerges from the shadows on 83% Invisible.”

A closer listen :‘A deep excursion in which sound design is as important as beats & voices play a textural role’

Radioaktiv : “una convergenza di idee situata tra arte, natura, tecnologia e scienza, dove la “fauna selvatica si svolge”.

The Wire : “La reine noir” feature in the compilation “Below the radar 34” and “abduction” in the “Office Ambience 439.

Son of marketing

Industrial Complexx : ‘snakes move & whistle on the walls, tigers run to the four corners of the room, it rains, we are caught in an earthquake…’

Interview in “15 questions”

SilenceAndSound : Les atmosphères glissent sur des textures vrombissantes aux rythmiques sensuellement tribales, les appels chamaniques cherchant à atteindre nos totems fantômes, perdus dans les brumes d’une occidentalisation paupérisante

Review in Record Turnover


14 May-Hottat Home Session V present:

A DREAM/SYNTH/PSYCH/COSMICNOISE/HIPPIEDRONE/GALAKTIKINDUS evening powered by “Les anges noirs de l’utopie” with :




DOORS : 7:30 PM
CURFEW : 11 PM ( so come early …)
Entrance : Donation
No Bar inside bring yur own shit

Upcoming March Performance

15th March 2016 at Cafe Central ( Bruxelles )

Focus on “SYRPHE”


Les Anges Noirs De l’Utopie are happy to announce this tuesday night focused on Syrphe label.

_ Kirdec aka C-drík
born in Zaire (now Congo, DR), he grew up in Belgium and based in Germany, were he runs Syrphe a label and platform partly dedicated to alternative electronic and experimental music from Africa and Asia.
C-dríks music varies from harsh noise to electronica and electroacoustic music.


_ Axiome
is a Belgian duo formed around 1991 by Olivier Moreau (Imminent, Ambre, Tricot Trio, Urawa, etc.) and C-drík (Crno klank, Ambre, Moonsanto, Tasjiil Moujahed, Tetra Plok, etc.).
For a few years they play some sort of acid music with non conventionalrhythms.


For more about Syrphe Label :

Upcoming March Performance

5th March 2016 at “Hottat”, Maison du Bonheur

Collectif Mental & Les Anges noirs de l’utopie Proudly Present:

VIRTUAL_FOREST (new ‘Above The Tree’ solo project – italy)

VIRTUAL FOREST is the mystic variation of Above the Tree, Marco Bernacchia’s solo project whose releases have been put out by labels as Brigadisco, Bloody Sound Fucktory & Locomotiv Records.
The path here is characterized by the procedure of the American Indians to devote their own lives to a new state of conscience, a vision often achieved through starvation and sleep deprivation which culminates in one trance state where real and unreal melt and define a symbolic message.
VIRTUAL FOREST is Above the Tree’s nom de guerre that holds the symbolic representations collected through the sound, the establishing dream of his research.



La musique de Matthieu C.Vergez oscille délicatement entre poésie, noise et expérimentale.

A l’aide d’une guitare électrique, de scies circulaires ou de feedback, il fabrique un assemblage de scènes, de sons sobres, rémanents. Le texte inclusif, intimiste , est comme un lien sensible. Une suspension ou un ensemble de mouvements tranchés au caractère récitatif et ce fil ténu, presque indicible ; douce violence.

« (…) on habite que le lieu que l’on quitte, on ne crée que l’œuvre dont on se détache, on obtient la durée qu’en détruisant le temps.

Le devoir (…) est, durant la trêve des saisons et la sieste des heureux, de produire un Art à l’aide des nuages, un Art qui soit issu de la douleur et conduise à la douleur »

René Char -En trente-trois morceaux-



Guillaume Le Boisselier is a self-taught improviser and composer.

His music ranges from tense, intimate soundscapes to harsh noise experiments. His work could be qualified as some kind of primitive and instinctive musique concrète, or as experimental electronic music. He’s looking for concision rather than for extended durations, and has a taste for contrasts, from light to wall shaking sounds.

He uses contact mics and objects, as well as tonal instruments such as iranian Santur, Theremin or some asian percussions, but also some electronic DIY devices and effects.

He works mainly with contemporary dancers and theatre but can also be found under several names / collaborations such as BLASTèME!, Hippy Death Suite, The Flowers of The Five Wounds or La Tierce. He lives in Bruxelles.


Come early, limited capacity

Upcoming January show synth+indus+techno+noise PARTY

@ Café Central (BRUSSELS)

7th January 2016

FROM 9PM till 4AM


+++ FLESHLIGHT Live (Ratskin Records-US)

Oakland based synth project, FLESHLIGHT. Super composed, blown out, dark, industrial , broken beat leaning, synth fuzz blasters; in the vein of early SPK, Portion Control, Minimal Man with a post punk screw. Raw, energetic, and theatrical. NO RAVE!

+++ AIR LQD Live (Intra Muros-BE)

+++ FADING SHADE Dj Set (Mute-BE)
Special AMBIENT-INDUS Techno set

+++ HOSMOZ Dj Set (Bedroom research / Detroit underground-Be)
Special DARK Techno set

Upcoming December Show

Some news for your brains…

+++ On Tuesday, the 15th of december, we invite you to an intimate psychedelic night in a cosy Cafe Central setup for a quite special experimentation. Concert will start with Belgian/Iranian band Second Sight Ensemble ( we’re more than pleased to have them as guests by the way ) followed without any break or silence by Vince Sonrisa ( Mongol violin player of the band ) experimenting textured harmonic landscapes with Flesh Bunny ( South of No North / Drifting Bears member ) who will finish with a solo performance. This concert has to be considered as one performance. As this outstanding unseen act will take place only once, something will be edited ( more precisions to come later… ).

As we wanna keep surprises, no links will be provided for the moment. We guess you should trust us blindly.

Don’t miss this or you’ll regret it.

+++ In early 2016, the 7th of january you will again be invited to Cafe Central for a special harsh night, from noisy industrial mechanics to wavy synth disorders, followed by a surprise DJ set. For this harsh night, we invite Air LQD from Brussels and Fleshlight from Oakland.

more information will come soon

Les Anges

June 2015

For our inauguration we’re pleased to invite you for a night of free concerts in Brussels based experimental and independant cafe : Le Cafe Central



+ EXTREME PRECAUTIONS – industrial precautionous grindcore / In Paradisium / FR
**Extreme Precautions is the new project from Paul Régimbeau aka Mondkopf.
“After finishing Hadès, I was thinking of doing a techno EP. But I was mostly listening to Brutal Truth, Assuck, Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer at that time, so grindcore got me carried away and I went blast beat. This was a blast indeed – I did this record in a week total, a big release for me.”

+ ORPHAN SWORDS – abstract Industrial / Idiosyncratics & Desire Records / BE
**ORPHAN SWORDS is a Brussels-based duo previously described as “Oppressive industrial techno/drone pressure”, “industrial-slanted techno” or “new school industrial” by Boomkat, XLR8R and The Quietus, They have played supports for Vatican Shadow, The Body, Black Rain, Kyoka etc. After a few releases on Idiosyncratics, an EP called “Risk in a New Age” was released on Desire Records in june 2014, it features a collaboration with NYC cult band Ike Yard. Their new EP “License To Desire” has been released on Desire in may and reviewed by Clash magazine as a “fascinating listen”.

+ ◯ – romantic chaos noise / BSTR club / BE
**CERCLE is a new project of members from Excuseexcuse and Charnier, both from Brussels. It will be their first performance.

hope to see you there…

See you soon

Black Angels