Out Now !

Really thrilled to introduced you our first release !

Natali Kruger “83% Invisible” LP

Listen and order here : https://lesangesnoirsdelutopie.bandcamp.com/album/83-invisible

Press releases :

Igloo Magazine : “Natali Kruger continues to forge 3D soundscapes, alien worlds and sparse electronic landscapes merging dark and eerie atmospheric elements with sharp industrial edges—and yet an organic quality emerges from the shadows on 83% Invisible.”

A closer listen :‘A deep excursion in which sound design is as important as beats & voices play a textural role’

Radioaktiv : “una convergenza di idee situata tra arte, natura, tecnologia e scienza, dove la “fauna selvatica si svolge”.

The Wire : “La reine noir” feature in the compilation “Below the radar 34” and “abduction” in the “Office Ambience 439.

Son of marketing

Industrial Complexx : ‘snakes move & whistle on the walls, tigers run to the four corners of the room, it rains, we are caught in an earthquake…’

Interview in “15 questions”

SilenceAndSound : Les atmosphères glissent sur des textures vrombissantes aux rythmiques sensuellement tribales, les appels chamaniques cherchant à atteindre nos totems fantômes, perdus dans les brumes d’une occidentalisation paupérisante

Review in Record Turnover


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