Upcoming December Show

Some news for your brains…

+++ On Tuesday, the 15th of december, we invite you to an intimate psychedelic night in a cosy Cafe Central setup for a quite special experimentation. Concert will start with Belgian/Iranian band Second Sight Ensemble ( we’re more than pleased to have them as guests by the way ) followed without any break or silence by Vince Sonrisa ( Mongol violin player of the band ) experimenting textured harmonic landscapes with Flesh Bunny ( South of No North / Drifting Bears member ) who will finish with a solo performance. This concert has to be considered as one performance. As this outstanding unseen act will take place only once, something will be edited ( more precisions to come later… ).

As we wanna keep surprises, no links will be provided for the moment. We guess you should trust us blindly.

Don’t miss this or you’ll regret it.

+++ In early 2016, the 7th of january you will again be invited to Cafe Central for a special harsh night, from noisy industrial mechanics to wavy synth disorders, followed by a surprise DJ set. For this harsh night, we invite Air LQD from Brussels and Fleshlight from Oakland.

more information will come soon

Les Anges