June 2015

For our inauguration we’re pleased to invite you for a night of free concerts in Brussels based experimental and independant cafe : Le Cafe Central



+ EXTREME PRECAUTIONS – industrial precautionous grindcore / In Paradisium / FR
**Extreme Precautions is the new project from Paul Régimbeau aka Mondkopf.
“After finishing Hadès, I was thinking of doing a techno EP. But I was mostly listening to Brutal Truth, Assuck, Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer at that time, so grindcore got me carried away and I went blast beat. This was a blast indeed – I did this record in a week total, a big release for me.”

+ ORPHAN SWORDS – abstract Industrial / Idiosyncratics & Desire Records / BE
**ORPHAN SWORDS is a Brussels-based duo previously described as “Oppressive industrial techno/drone pressure”, “industrial-slanted techno” or “new school industrial” by Boomkat, XLR8R and The Quietus, They have played supports for Vatican Shadow, The Body, Black Rain, Kyoka etc. After a few releases on Idiosyncratics, an EP called “Risk in a New Age” was released on Desire Records in june 2014, it features a collaboration with NYC cult band Ike Yard. Their new EP “License To Desire” has been released on Desire in may and reviewed by Clash magazine as a “fascinating listen”.

+ ◯ – romantic chaos noise / BSTR club / BE
**CERCLE is a new project of members from Excuseexcuse and Charnier, both from Brussels. It will be their first performance.

hope to see you there…

See you soon

Black Angels