Upcoming March Performance

15th March 2016 at Cafe Central ( Bruxelles )

Focus on “SYRPHE”


Les Anges Noirs De l’Utopie are happy to announce this tuesday night focused on Syrphe label.

_ Kirdec aka C-drík
born in Zaire (now Congo, DR), he grew up in Belgium and based in Germany, were he runs Syrphe a label and platform partly dedicated to alternative electronic and experimental music from Africa and Asia.
C-dríks music varies from harsh noise to electronica and electroacoustic music.


_ Axiome
is a Belgian duo formed around 1991 by Olivier Moreau (Imminent, Ambre, Tricot Trio, Urawa, etc.) and C-drík (Crno klank, Ambre, Moonsanto, Tasjiil Moujahed, Tetra Plok, etc.).
For a few years they play some sort of acid music with non conventionalrhythms.


For more about Syrphe Label :


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